Poached Eggs, Cheese & Chive Biscuits, and Ramp Beurre Blanc

I had the pleasure of working with Winter from Connecticut Food & Farm last week to provide some food for a photoshoot and blog post about Ramps. Click on the photo to visit the blog and see the post and recipe!

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Earliest veggie garden for me ever!

Warm weather came late to CT this year, but as soon as it wasn’t snowing or pouring we got our butts out there and dug in! With our small amounts of time available we’ve managed to rake out all the garden beds. We are on a detective mission of watching to see what is coming… Read More Earliest veggie garden for me ever!

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Thrifty Salvage Kitchen

Just posting some pics for now. This will be the post for the full kitchen…then I’ll have to break it down by the major projects – chalkboard painting fridge, shaker-izing the cabinets, faux soapstone counters, salvaged spice rack…. Before AFTER

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From 50’s to Shaker in One Afternoon!

Another weekend project we finished last weekend was to turn our flat front 50′s (or earlier maybe, no curved edges on the cabinets which made ‘shakerizing’ even easier) into classic Shaker Style Cabinets for under $50! I didn’t make the before picture terrible picture quality on purpose I swear, it was the best picture I… Read More From 50’s to Shaker in One Afternoon!

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Studio in a Closet

I never thought within our budget we’d manage to get 4 bedrooms AND a studio for me…but somehow we HAD to. The girls, 11 & 13 bicker incessantly and it’s just exhausting and irritating – I’d sew in a closet if it meant I wouldn’t have to listen to this all day! So this house… Read More Studio in a Closet

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Downstairs Bathroom Half Done…

Our downstairs bathroom looks better in pictures than in real life…it’s much older and odder than the white appears. The strange striping in the picture is caused from my iphone panorama feature but it’s really pretty dingy, the walls are made of some strange masonite panels from maybe the 50′s? 60′s? who knows… with metal… Read More Downstairs Bathroom Half Done…

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House Closing

There’s no going back now, not that I would want to. I can see the potential there no problem, it has a perfect layout for us, the neighborhood is unbelievable, the yard is unbelievable…but it’s pretty unsightly empty and I’m ready for everyone thinking I’m crazy when they see it this weekend. Closing goes pretty… Read More House Closing

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We Found Our Dream House!

  Memorial Day Weekend of 2013 we found the house we HAD to have. It came with 6 months of torment and finally became ours November 15th 2013. It was built in 1845 has about one acre of sloped open land behind it with incredible views and overgrown but established gardens. It’s in the most… Read More We Found Our Dream House!