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Completed Antique Farmhouse Kitchen

After living with a partially finished kitchen for about a year, we decided it was time to finish it up in order to list our house for sale.   Originally the loom for my fiber arts business was located in the corner of the kitchen so we did not put cabinets all the way to… Read More Completed Antique Farmhouse Kitchen

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Planning Stages of rearranging our house

This past winter had no snow until the end of January. just like last year actually. Then we got one storm and it looked like this In one day before we had a chance to rake off the roof we had ice dams. They didn’t go away until March and at several points over the… Read More Planning Stages of rearranging our house

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Faux Soapstone Countertops

As you may have seen from my other kitchen remodel posts, we plan to do a full kitchen gut in a few years…but for now we need to make it functional for a serious cook and pretty because I can’t take it when my surroundings aren’t pretty! The plan for the white formica countertops, was… Read More Faux Soapstone Countertops

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Thrifty Salvage Kitchen

Just posting some pics for now. This will be the post for the full kitchen…then I’ll have to break it down by the major projects – chalkboard painting fridge, shaker-izing the cabinets, faux soapstone counters, salvaged spice rack…. Before AFTER

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From 50’s to Shaker in One Afternoon!

Another weekend project we finished last weekend was to turn our flat front 50′s (or earlier maybe, no curved edges on the cabinets which made ‘shakerizing’ even easier) into classic Shaker Style Cabinets for under $50! I didn’t make the before picture terrible picture quality on purpose I swear, it was the best picture I… Read More From 50’s to Shaker in One Afternoon!