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I’ve heard about ramps over and over but never had the opportunity or time to actually go forage for any. I’m working with Winter from Connecticut Food & Farm on a blog post there featuring ramps and I decided I was going to go find some for myself to play with first. I was trying to schedule some time to go walk in the woods and look after my big girls got home from school, however when Silas and I were playing out in the yard I noticed I have them growing right near my deck!!!

So I have been playing around with them a few times now!

Flank Steak over Panzanella Salad with Grilled Ramps & Peppers

Then our leftovers became delicious Fried Potatoes with Ramps & Steak
I did end up foraging in the woods too and found TONS with a much redder stem then the ones in my yard. I might have to plant some of them in my yard and see if  more show up next year!


More to come tomorrow and with better photography!!!