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Faux Soapstone Countertops

As you may have seen from my other kitchen remodel posts, we plan to do a full kitchen gut in a few years…but for now we need to make it functional for a serious cook and pretty because I can’t take it when my surroundings aren’t pretty!

The plan for the white formica countertops, was to buy a prefab rolled edge formica countertop in a black color. It was by no means ‘nice’, but it was bearable and a 10′ section was $129 at Lowes. That was perfect, only problem is we had been eyeballing all along and when we got serious about it, we realized that OUR counter was 10, 8″ long! They do not make prefab countertops that size… after much searching and thinking we opted for faux finishing our white formica and crossing our fingers it holds up!!!

I read up on it, read about a polyacrylic liquid that sounded like it would last forever but opted to try a matte polyeurethane instead because soapstone doesn’t have a high gloss finish typically. I may still end up doing the polyacrylic, as we already have a few small dings.





Step one was a flat black paint


Next I got a fine paintbrush (like a tiny one from kids watercolor paint set), a wet rag and a sponge. I took white paint and dabbed it on, then blotted it off with a damp rag to soften any patterns or sponge marks. I took the brush and drew one or two cracks as soapstone usually has, feathered out the edges… I will confess I’ve been artsy all my life and went to art school. This step may prove more problematic to people who don’t have a knack for making things look like they want. I found a lot of fake looking patterns kept appearing but they were all fixable by dabbing with wet rag.


Lastly I sealed the paint with 3 separate coats of satin finish polyurethane. I sanded lightly between each coat to avoid bubbles.


It’s already been 4-5 months and it’s in pretty good shape. My daughter slid a heavy metal milk crate against it and knicked one spot and I can see some minor wear and tear on edge. I may do the polyacrylic gel at some point when it needs touching up, hoping I come across something matte finish first. All in all, a fantastic look for about $30 compared to the many thousand or so it would have cost us to get real soapstone!



6 thoughts on “Faux Soapstone Countertops

    1. I had seen somewhere to use the black chalkboard paint, but I think any flat black paint would work perfectly fine. I used latex but perhaps oil would hold up even better. I lightly sanded without a primer.

    2. Oh, I love that you give laminate ideas! I love your style! We bohugt our house new, but didn’t get to pick anything in it. It came with black laminate. While I like laminate and didn’t mind the black at first, it shows stuff a lot more than white. We have really hard water and the black shows the hard water spots, which wouldn’t show on white. And with kids (who try to make their own PB&Js), the black counters show every crumb, which drives me nuts. I have a great expanse of countertop (not complaining about that), but I’m constantly wiping off counters and noticing dust/stuff on them. I think if I had white, I probably wouldn’t feel as nutty! When choosing between black and white, I think you just need to take into account what your lifestyle and personality is like. Apparently, I can’t handle black. But laminate rocks!

  1. We are in the process of cimelptong our kitchen renovation in our new home. Much like some of your readers our budget dictated we would be going with laminate. I’m not a fan of most granites. So, I wanted to choose something that looked like Carrera or Calcutta marble. I chose Calcutta Marble by Formica. We also have the Adel cabinets from Ikea. Our countertops were installed last Friday & I am in LOVE:). Unfortunately we have one slight problem that the installer has an extra seem which we were unhappy with, but the are going to fix it for us. Keep in mind laminates normally come in a max length of 12-15 ft. Plan your seems carefully with the company you order from and be sure they order adequate material to install it properly. Look for pics of our kitchen soon on my new website that is going to be launching any day now, Curate by Carrie Corson:)

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