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From 50’s to Shaker in One Afternoon!

Another weekend project we finished last weekend was to turn our flat front 50′s (or earlier maybe, no curved edges on the cabinets which made ‘shakerizing’ even easier) into classic Shaker Style Cabinets for under $50!

I didn’t make the before picture terrible picture quality on purpose I swear, it was the best picture I could find where you could really see the cabinets. More pics and details to come, just wanted to get this picture up here :)!

I had already painted the cabinets which was a major improvement but they were still very flat and dated/cheap looking. I didn’t like my first shade of green, so bought another gallon in a darker color.

We purchased 3″ wide ‘hobby wood’ from home depot. 4′ Lengths for $3.26 I think, it cost around $45 for all our cabinets. Don’t go with the narrower wood, I’ve seen a lot of projects done with that and they don’t look right, it gives it away that it’s not a real shaker construction.
Once done, sand edges as needed and paint!