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Camp Cooking – Bacon Hash & Eggs

Here is a delicious, easy and hearty breakfast to enjoy while camping. Par boiled pre-cut potatoes and pre-cut veggies make it go together in a snap with very quick cook time. This would be even easier in the dutch oven BUT then you have to start coals first thing in am or light a fire and wait for coals. We decided we’d rather do the burner for breakfast.



6 potatoes
1 green pepper
1 med onions
1 pack of bacon
2 eggs per person


At home, cut and partially cook the potatoes in boiling water. Until they are slightly tender but not falling apart. Cool and then put them in a bag or a container.

Medium dice the onion and pepper and put them together in a bag. Let cool, then break or cut bacon into bite size pieces. Scrape someĀ of the cold fat into a bag or container with the bacon.

At camp –

Dump all the ingredients except the eggs onto your griddle or your large frying pan. Flip frequently and cook until they are getting nice and brown. Break eggs over the top of the hash and cover them with a smaller pot to get them to cook faster if needed. We got impatient and ended up flipping ours, which ruined the presentation but it was soooo delicious! We also heated up a few slices of our korean bulgogi beef and kimchee from the night before and ate it with our breakfast. Can’t get much better than that!!!!