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Studio in a Closet

I never thought within our budget we’d manage to get 4 bedrooms AND a studio for me…but somehow we HAD to. The girls, 11 & 13 bicker incessantly and it’s just exhausting and irritating – I’d sew in a closet if it meant I wouldn’t have to listen to this all day! So this house presented a unique space for me…. 2 small rooms – a walk in pantry and a mudroom that I could see becoming one long skinny strip with lots of storage and enough room for a desk with 2 machines!


Gorgeous views, a door to the deck outside, 2 windows…TONS of shelving, could definitely work! So my sweet husband got to work removing the wall so that I could paint, then move all my studio contents from our old rental house.

We added some spray foam insulation in all the cracks but it is currently still VERY cold out there, no insulation and no radiator. I guess January and February it will mostly be a storage space and I can sew in the dining room, or open the doors and let it warm up for a few hours before I plan to go in there. No point in using up tons of oil heating it all the time so the doors stay closed. We’ll work on insulating it or doing something down the road.

But anyway, on to making it pretty! The shelves had never been painted, so 2 thick coats of a semi gloss celery, walls in a flat Artesian Well and an awesome desk I bought for $15 before we moved in from the UConn Surplus Store and refinished. Perfect fit for the odd skinny size I needed. Wwe still need to repair 2 of the drawers.

Lastly, fill it up with the extensive amount of craft supplies :). The valances are made from curtains from the restaurant I used to own, the sash from my wedding dress and the vintage butterfly jewelry from my wedding. Such an inspiring space…can’t wait for it to warm up!!!!