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Downstairs Bathroom Half Done…

Our downstairs bathroom looks better in pictures than in real life…it’s much older and odder than the white appears. The strange striping in the picture is caused from my iphone panorama feature but it’s really pretty dingy, the walls are made of some strange masonite panels from maybe the 50′s? 60′s? who knows… with metal trim pieces in all the corners and mid way up the wall. Very old flourescent light and corroded mirror definitely don’t help! So, with less than $100 I painted, replaced the light fixture, got a new mirror and it looks so much better! I did buy vinyl tiles for the floor but have not had the opportunity to have the cute hubby help me cut them and figure out how to get around toilet, radiator etc. The tub is another story, we are still mulling over solutions to the 3 windows that surround the tub and the non waterproof walls…..