Spruce up an aging deck

Early spring last year we were in a rush to get our deck looking nice and making it safe. This railing is not to code in any way shape or form, it’s a second story deck with a 12 foot drop. The deck surface was that 80’s/90’s red stain…not a fan and it was worn with some rot areas. It’s mahogany wood, too bad it was every stained I would have liked to just have it wood color but alas, we had to deal with what we have.


We were going for a more greyed out with white trim -Cape Cod look. We tested out a transparent grey first and HATED it. Then we got a solid taupe color and were much happier with that.


Such an improvement!!! Replacing the rotten spot was a job for hubby… he did that later after it was stained.


All the trim was painted off white.



We bought 100 or so deck balusters and I painted them, hubby hung them with Silas’ inspection.



Somehow I don’t have a good picture of this angle with it staged with candles and what we added later but we painted the red wall the same taupe of the deck. I like it a lot better. The house color will change this coming summer. wallpainted

Freshly washed and set up with the gorgeous replica glider and a sweet little bunting I made. We spent SOOO much time out there, I can’t wait for the snow to melt and get back out there!deckgliderside We ended up taking down the giant maple that was right at the edge of the deck, what a gorgeous view. decktable

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