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Arrecife Del Mar – Competition Entry Baby Wrap

competitionmainIn the spring I entered another Wrap Competition, they chose the 7 Wonders of the World and you could choose any of the lists out there. I was attracted to the Great Barrier Reef because after browsing though all the photographs I was awed by the amazing colors found in nature and thought they would make a stunning wrap perfect for summer. It also had such rich texture with so much life behind everything. I wanted to portray the water, the corals and plant life as well as the fish and sea life with my weave structure.

I spent a lot of time over 2 months trying to understand more about weave structure and how to design my own. My first idea was to have a color grad from water colors with a wavy structure, to pink/green coral circular or bumpy structure for corals and then end at a fish scale pattern in bright orange for the fish.

I was trying to figure out a way to do these different patterns all within the threading changes because it had to be the same tie up and treadling and really all of this is way over my head. I have been reading Margaret Coe’s book, pouring over Handwoven magazines, taking workshops on shadow weave, asking experts, reading magazines and playing with it in Fiberworks for many hours.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 7.08.45 AM

I gave up on the distinct fish scales but I did find with a warp where there is a light, dark, light, dark color scheme within the grad and a parallel advancing threading I could create a lot of shapes within the weave. The aqua area reminds me of bubbles in the water or fish and the circular diamonds in the other area (created by changing the threading shapes) feel more like the shapes from the coral and there is definitely a fishy vibe going on as well.  The insanely difficult treadling shown on the top of the draft ended up barely showing up!!! Luckily I found that a simple point draw looked amazing and I went with that.

IMG_3270 DSC_0012