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Flip your house around!

Things are really moving around here! It was so exciting to see the back of the house interior get knocked down! IMG_5328What a mess! Of course the old ‘back porch’ structure was built very haphazardly and under built and needed to have a completely new roof structure, then after that blow they ripped up the flooring and found that all the floor joists were – half going the wrong way, then the other half had popped out of the timber frame and were just hanging so our old bathroom was just floating up there.


That part ended up with a brand new floor, brand new roof…it’s almost like a new addition with old walls. The 2 sets of windows went in and let in the backyard! So exciting.


The new bathroom was framed into the old living room space and a new sliding glass door was added in the living room.


Next, Dan and I insulated…mostly Dan. I helped. Man, insulation smells BAD. IMG_5934

After some begging the builders came back and hung drywall. What a huge difference that made. Feels so close!!!


We decided to save time – builder was too busy and to save money that I would do all the taping and mudding and also add a plaster skim coat to some of the walls to make it blend in with the rest of the house a little better. We have really rough messy plaster on most of our 1840’s house. At this point, it’s been 2.5 months of living in this mess. We are so done… it’s getting so close but it won’t be pleasant to live in until we can put everything away, oh and have a kitchen!