Kitchen/Dining Room/Fiber Studio Reveal

Paint!!!! So thrilling that moment it starts to look finished and functional. I changed the color slightly from previous which was a little too bright and aqua. IMG_6203

Old Kitchen waiting to be demo’d
IMG_6243 New kitchen starting to show (opposite side of big open room, old kitchen was a the front of the house built over a low window which is covered on outside with shutter)IMG_6340

Our friend Kris came over to help Dan cut our walnut butcher block counter out for the farmhouse travertine sink. The cutting went well but it took like 20 attempts at sanding and trying again to get it to slide onto sink which turned out to be sloped on the sides.

My awesome husband, who is a plumber got the sink working pretty quick after we had a counter!

Sadly when we demo’d the old kitchen it was a giant mess behind the counters, so disappointing to have to do more demo and have more yucky mess when we were so close to looking pretty! We haven’t gotten to sanding the floors yet, there is a strip in between this and new floor that there was a lot of water damage and rot so there is a strip of new maple floor…. we need to sand and stain them both to look like new floor out in new kitchen area still. For now I covered this yuck with a runner.IMG_6521

Carpenters came back to build our custom pantry cabinet we decided to squeeze into the end of our back stairway IMG_6760

Added so much storage! Microwave will go on walnut shelve and be open, there will be doors on top and bottom though.

Found an awesome deal on gorgeous spice rack from Aldi’s to save a full cabinet shelf for other use. Our windows definitely limited our storage but the view was more important to us. IMG_7949
Built a farmhouse table out of the old 175 year old floor joists. Refinished an antique counter for an island which still needs a bottom, shelves, wheels and doors. I got a new loom which is just a little… LARGE. It fits into the bump out but isn’t very functional back there so everything is moveable depending on what’s going on that day. DSC_0041
Not quite done, but I am in love. Still need rustic wood range hood, white tile backsplash, pot filer, crown molding on top of cabinet over fridge. DSC_0046

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