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Electric Koolaid!

I recently had the opportunity do a custom for a great group of ladies. Their inspiration was a set of images with amazing colors.


While on vacation in Florida I decided to dedicate some time to figuring out how to present a mockup that would portray what a hand dyed warp would look like. Amber Koski from Kali Designs and I had some good discussions about how to use photoshop for this in combination with an overlay of the weave structure created in FiberWorks. I came up with the mockup below that I think gave us a good start on what it could look like.
Then it was time to start dyeing! I wound the 15 -60 end spun silk warp chains, numbered them then laid them out in order on my kitchen floor. Hand painted them then chained them back up, then baked them to set the dye.





IMG_1318 IMG_1317 IMG_1316

The customers chose a Geobrechene or M& W’s threading draft from 3 weave structures I showed them. Each one got a little different pattern by my manipulation of the treadling patterns and tie up. Each piece actually has  2 patterns on it as well so there are 6-8 different weaves on this warp!

IMG_1434 IMG_1759 IMG_1736 IMG_1716 IMG_1683 IMG_1613 IMG_1462

The wefts were almost black marine silk (merino, sea cell, silk), charcoal marine silk, indigo blue marine silk & fuscia sea lace (silk, sea cell). I really enjoyed this project, I plan on focusing mostly on dyed silk warps in the future!



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