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Completed Antique Farmhouse Kitchen

After living with a partially finished kitchen for about a year, we decided it was time to finish it up in order to list our house for sale.


Originally the loom for my fiber arts business was located in the corner of the kitchen so we did not put cabinets all the way to the end of the room. My plumber husband built all these great pipe shelves for me for behind but we knew they were not adequate to sell the kitchen as a completed large kitchen. We also never did the range hood, the pot filler or the backsplash due to budget constraints.

First step was adding two more double base cabinets and 7′ more walnut butcher block counter

Next we were able to do marble very affordably by using 12 in.² floor tiles and cutting them down to fit our 5 1/4 inch space below the windows. Four sheets of marble hex tile to dress it up over the stove. 

We had a range hood custom built by our handy neighborhood Carpenter to overlap the windows

We were very pleased with how it turned out, tons of counter space, beautiful views and lots of pretty wooden touches.


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