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Handwoven Babywearing Wraps!


Source Policies & Pricing

For the past three years I have been weaving luxury fiber handwoven baby wraps. Due to changes in the market as well as federal regulations, I am phasing out baby wrap weaving by the end of 2017. This price list is intended for baby wraps, but can also be used as a guideline for other hand woven fabrics.  The prices are based on a 30 inch wide piece of fabric (price per meter long). Custom textile design will still be available and prices will depend on the width of the finish item. If you are interested and home decor items including table runners, placemats, dish towels, pillows, curtains, or anything else your heart desires please send me a message to discuss.

Wraps will be woven on a 24shaft AVL Compudobby loom so all will most likely be complicated structures. In almost all cases, I design my own drafts so you get something truly unique.

Prices based on cotton warp and weft
Basic Structures                                                                 $100 per meter
Complicated Structures                                                   $120 per meter


• Abracadabra (Sarcandra Glabra)                                       +$40* meter
• Alpaca silk                                                                               + $18 meter
• Bamboo                                                                                   + $10 meter
• Bamboo 49%/Silk 51%                                                        + $35* meter
• Bamboo 35%/ Superwash merino 65%                              + $25* meter
• Cashmere 65% /35% silk                                                  + $70* meter
• Cotton                                                                             included in base price
• Cotton/hemp                                                                   included in base price
• Cottolin (MB)                                                                    included in base price
• Cottolin (Bockens)                                                            + $15 meter
• Egyptian Cotton                                                               + $15 meter
• Marine Silk                                                                       +$42* meter
51% Silk / 29% Merino / 20% Sea Cell®Rayon
• Merino tencel                                                                   + $15 meter
• Peppermint                                                                      + $40* meter
• 45% Qiviut/merino/silk                                                    + $190 meter
• 15% Qiviut/merino/silk                                                    + 110 meter (only available if more than one customer chooses, as minimum order is very high and this doesn’t meet it)
• 50% Qiviut/50% silk                                                         + $220 meter
• Rose                                                                                  + $40*
• Sea Silk                                                                            + $45* meter
70% Silk and 30% Seacell
• 20/2 Spun Silk                                                               + $45* meter
• 12/2 Spun Silk                                                                 + $55* meter
• 50% silk /50% Merino Super wash                                   +$30* meter
• Silk/Linen                                                                       +$40* meter
• Soy (when available)                                                       +$35* meter
• Superwash merino wool                                                 + $25* meter
• Supima cotton 12/2                                                       +$25* meter
• Tencel                                                                            + $5 meter for weft


• Silk                                                                                $30 extra per meter (plus dyeing fees)
• Soy when available                                                    $30 extra per meter
• Silk/Linen                                                                   $25 extra per meter
• Bamboo/Silk                                                              $25 extra per meter
More upon request.

I strongly prefer acid dyeing which means silk, soy or wool warps are my preference.

• Dyed warp (dyed in skeins before warp is measured)  $20 extra per meter

this works for solid colors or variegated in a less planned pattern
• Hand painted warp (dyed after warp is measured)   $40 extra per meter
this gives more control over where the color ends up but is much more work.

• Hand dyed weft – solid or variegated

$50 flat fee per wrap (unless its included in weft pricing in above list)


We are located in the United States – We are happy to ship internationally for actual cost of shipping, the full value will be filled in on customs forms for international shipping. Customer is responsible for any duty or fees incurred with international shipping. All items are shipping with insurance & tracking. If insurance claim has to be made for the an item, the customer will receive compensation after the claim is awarded.

Random Draw winners will have 24 hours to pay. If not paid within that time frame, the winner forfeits their claim to that item and Source will draw a new winner. 

Any and all warranties, guarantees and or product promises are nontransferable and are only valid for the original purchaser as listed on the mailing address. Once the item is no longer in the original owner’s possession for whatever reason, any and all warranties, guarantees and or product promises are hereinafter void. If the original owner sells or passes the item on to another person, Source can not be held responsible for the condition of the item at that time and cannot guarantee the safety or condition the item is in.


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