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    Weaving Challenge – Chihuly

    For my next weaving project, I decided to participate in a handwoven Baby Wrap Competition with 75 other weavers. The theme was works of art and I chose this Having been a sculpture major at MassArt I am far more drawn to sculpture than paintings. I also really wanted a purple and green wrap for […]

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    Finally Weaving…

    So, once upon a time… 10 years or so ago I had just sold  my cloth diaper business to Jam Tots in Canada and I was trying to decide what to do with myself. Through a friend I acquired a small loom that someone was getting rid of, then somehow I had decided (blurry details in […]

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    Camp Cooking – Bacon Hash & Eggs

    Here is a delicious, easy and hearty breakfast to enjoy while camping. Par boiled pre-cut potatoes and pre-cut veggies make it go together in a snap with very quick cook time. This would be even easier in the dutch oven BUT then you have to start coals first thing in am or light a fire […]

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    Camp Cooking – Dutch Oven Raspberry Cobbler

    Bored of S’mores? Here’s another easy option for dessert while camping! You could really use any fruit that’s in season, find a local farm to go pick your own while your camping, great day trip! Or bring something with you… we stopped at our local berry picking farm before leaving on our trip and picked […]

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    Camp Cooking – Bulgogi Beef Korean ‘Tacos’ with asian noodles

    Another super tasty camp meal! Beef marinated in a  korean bulgogi marinade, grilled over an open fire, served in a soft shell and topped with grilled vegetables &  spicy kimchee. Super easy and amazing delicious! It was getting rather dark and my photography skills at dusk definitely need some work, sorry for the lackluster photos on […]

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    Camp Cooking – Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya

    My favorite part of camping is coming up with some really GOOD camp food. We have a few camping trips this summer, plus we cook out in our yard so I’m going to do a full series of camp food recipes.  This one uses a dutch oven, which are awesome for camping but you can […]

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    Faux Soapstone Countertops

    As you may have seen from my other kitchen remodel posts, we plan to do a full kitchen gut in a few years…but for now we need to make it functional for a serious cook and pretty because I can’t take it when my surroundings aren’t pretty! The plan for the white formica countertops, was […]

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    Poached Eggs, Cheese & Chive Biscuits, and Ramp Beurre Blanc

    I had the pleasure of working with Winter from Connecticut Food & Farm last week to provide some food for a photoshoot and blog post about Ramps. Click on the photo to visit the blog and see the post and recipe!

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    I’ve heard about ramps over and over but never had the opportunity or time to actually go forage for any. I’m working with Winter from Connecticut Food & Farm on a blog post there featuring ramps and I decided I was going to go find some for myself to play with first. I was trying […]

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    Earliest veggie garden for me ever!

    Warm weather came late to CT this year, but as soon as it wasn’t snowing or pouring we got our butts out there and dug in! With our small amounts of time available we’ve managed to rake out all the garden beds. We are on a detective mission of watching to see what is coming […]